How Hirelbs helped a Global EdTech firm develop a
Multichannel marketing campaign for their
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1. Limited Brand Awareness: Despite offering high quality digital products, the client struggled with limited brand recognition in certain markets.

2. Online Reputation Management: Negative reviews and misinformation circulating online posed a threat to the client’s reputation and credibility,

3. Revenue Generation: While the client had a strong product lineup, they faced challenges in effectively converting leads into paying customers. resulting in suboptimal revenue generation.

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1. Strategic Planning: We conducted a thorough analysis of the client’s targer audience, market trends, and competitors to formulate a data-driven marketing strategy.

2. Multichannel Campaign Development: Leveraging various digital channels such as social media, search engine marketing ISEMI, email marketing, and content marketing, we crafted a cohesive campaign aimed at reaching diverse audience segments.

3. Online Reputation Management: To address negative sentiment and misinformation, we implemented proactive reputation management strategies, including monitoring online conversations, responding to customer feedback promptly, and amplifying positive testimonials.

4. Brand Awareness Building: Through engaging content creation, influencer partnerships, and targeted advertising campaigns, we heightened brand visibility across relevant digital platforms.

5. Customer Outreach and Sales Team Enhancement: We worked closely with the client to optimize their customer outreach and sales processes. providing training and resources to empower their team in effectively nurturing leads and closing sales.

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1. Increased Stand Awareness: The multichannel marketing campaign led to a significant uptick in brand recognition, with the client’s name becoming synonymous with quality EdTech solutions in their target markets.

2.Improved Online Reputation: Proactive reputation management efforts resulted in a notable decrease in negative sentiment online, while positive reviews and testimonials gained traction, enhancing the client’s credibility and trustworthiness.

3. Revenue Growth: By optimizing customer outreach and sales processes, the client experienced a substantial increase in lead conversions and revenue generation, surpassing their initial targets.