Are you a small business owner needing to step up your recruiting game? With the rise of remote work, hiring remotely has become increasingly popular among employers looking for new talent. At LBS, our remote recruiting services present an opportunity to connect with top-notch candidates from around the globe regardless of location. This can give your business access to a much wider talent pool and maximize chances of finding the right fit for open roles.

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Developing a strong recruitment funnel is vital for successful hiring, both from an employer and employee standpoint. At LBS, we provide a well-designed recruiting funnel that can help ensure  the best candidates are placed in positions where they will thrive


At LBS we make sure our clients have a successful on boarding and retention plan. An effective on boarding process sets employees up for success, improves workplace relationships, and strengthens team culture within an organization – all factors that contribute to employee engagement and loyalty.


Finding the perfect staff to help expand and grow your small business is no easy task. You need to be sure you’re recruiting for employees who have the drive, ambition, respect for deadlines and that “fit” in with the overall mission of your company. There are benefits of choosing either part or full-time recruiters depending on your specific needs; budget constraints, desired results, and roster size will all play a role in which type of hire you make. At LBS, we offer both full time and part time recruiting services at one of the best market rates in North America.


At LBS our clients will have a dedicated customer relations manager that can act as the main point of contact between clients current projects and the client themselves, providing an accessible, reliable source for all their questions or queries about the project.




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