Driving Subscriber Acquisition for a Major Asian Financial and Stock Broking Firm through Digital Media Platforms

INTRO & Client Background


In this case study, we will highlight how Hirelbs assisted a major financial and stock broking firm in Asia in building new digital media platforms and driving lead generation to onboard new subscribers onto their brand-new trading application. Our main focus was on creating successful social media and digital marketing campaigns, establishing educational channels, and achieving substantial subscriber growth within the first year. 


Client Background: 

Our client, a prominent financial and stock broking firm in Asia, launched a new trading application and sought to onboard a large number of new subscribers. They needed assistance in building digital media platforms, creating engaging campaigns, and providing educational resources to potential subscribers interested in trading and investing. 


Subscriber Acquisition:  

The primary challenge was to attract and onboard a significant number of new subscribers onto the client’s newly launched trading application within the first year. 

Digital Marketing Campaigns: Creating effective social media and digital marketing campaigns to generate brand awareness, engagement, and lead generation. 

Educational Channels: Developing digital channels where potential subscribers could access learning resources, trading strategies, and investment insights to build trust and interest. 

Strategy and Execution: 


Digital Media Platform Development:  

We collaborated closely with the client to build new digital media platforms, including a user-friendly website, mobile app, and social media channels. These platforms served as vital touchpoints to engage potential customers and showcase the features and benefits of the trading application. 


Social Media and Digital Marketing Campaigns:  

Our team developed targeted social media and digital marketing campaigns to reach the client’s desired audience effectively. We utilized platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to promote the trading application, create brand awareness, and drive traffic to the digital media platforms. 


Educational Content Creation:  

We created a range of educational content, including articles, videos, webinars, and tutorials, to provide potential subscribers with valuable insights into trading and investing. The content aimed to establish the client as a trusted source of knowledge and build credibility in the industry. 


Lead Generation and Conversion:  

We implemented lead generation strategies such as gated content, landing pages, and email marketing campaigns to capture potential subscribers’ information. Automated email workflows were set up to nurture leads and guide them towards subscribing to the trading application. 


Successful Subscriber Acquisition: 

 Through our social media and digital marketing campaigns, we achieved substantial success in onboarding new subscribers onto the client’s trading application. Within the first year, we added over 2,000 subscribers, contributing to a strong user base for the platform. 


Enhanced Brand Awareness and Engagement:  

The social media and digital marketing campaigns generated significant brand awareness, reaching a wide audience interested in trading and investing. The engaging content and targeted messaging increased engagement, resulting in higher customer interactions and interest in the trading application. 


Educational Channels:  

The creation of digital channels dedicated to trading and investment education proved highly successful. Potential subscribers found value in the educational resources provided, positioning the client as an industry leader and trusted advisor in the financial and stock broking space. 


Revenue Growth:  

The successful subscriber acquisition, increased brand awareness, and engagement led to substantial revenue growth for the client. The influx of new subscribers resulted in increased trading activity and transactions, contributing to a positive impact on the client’s financial performance. 


WHAT WE achieved

Subscribers within the first year, contributing to a strong user base for platform


Through the development of digital media platforms, targeted social media and digital marketing campaigns, and the provision of educational resources, Hirelbs successfully assisted a major Asian financial and stock broking firm in achieving substantial subscriber growth for their trading application. The strategic campaigns, educational channels, and increased brand awareness contributed to revenue growth and established the client as a trusted resource for trading and investing strategies. 

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