Executive Business Coach Boosts Revenue by 30% with Hirelbs Virtual Assistant Services


 Client Background: 

Our client is a successful executive business coach with a growing client base. She was struggling to balance the demands of running her business with the time needed to support her clients effectively. She realized that she needed additional support to handle administrative tasks and delegate some responsibilities, but did not want to hire a full-time employee. 


HireLBS Solution: 

The client approached HireLBS for virtual assistant services to help with various administrative tasks including transcribing, email management, scheduling, customer service, and booking appointments. Our team of virtual assistants worked closely with the client to understand her needs and provide customized support. We also helped her optimize her website and social media to increase her digital reach. 





After engaging HireLBS virtual assistant services, our client was able to delegate many of her time-consuming administrative tasks, allowing her to focus on her clients and grow her business. By freeing up her time, she was able to generate more revenue and boost her overall profits by 30%. Additionally, her digital reach increased by more than 100% due to our website and social media optimization efforts. The client was extremely satisfied with the results and continues to work with HireLBS for ongoing support. 


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Increase in Overall Profits

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By utilizing HireLBS virtual assistant services, our client was able to delegate time-consuming administrative tasks and focus on growing her business. The support provided by our virtual assistants helped the client increase her revenue and profits by 30%, while also increasing her digital reach. HireLBS was able to provide customized support tailored to the client’s specific needs and help her achieve her business goals. 

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