How the consultants at Hirelbs helped in
Subscriber Acquisition for a Major Asian
Financial and Stock Broking Firm through
Digital Media Platforms




Our foremost challenge was to entice and onboard a substantialnumber of fresh subscribers to the client’s recently introduced trading application within the inaugural year. This encompassed:

1. Digital Marketing Campaigns: Crafting impactful social media and digital marketing campaigns geared towards fostering brand recognition, enhancing engagement, and driving lead generation.

2. Educational Channels: Creating digital platforms where prospective subscribers could readily access educational materials, trading strategies, and investment insights, all designed. to nurture trust and spark interest.

Key Matrics

New Reps Onboarded
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Shoppers Engaged
0 ML+
New Customer Sold
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n parallel, these campaigns heightened brand awareness, resonating with a broad audience interested in trading and investing. The engaging content and tailored messaging spurred greater customer interactions and interest in the trading application.

Furthermore, our creation of dedicated digital channels for trading and investment education proved highly effective. Potential subscribers found immense value in the educational resources offered, solidifying the client’s reputation as an industry leader and trusted financial advisor.

Digital Marketing

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  1. Within the first year, we added over 2.000 subscribers, contributing to a strong user base for the platform. The social media and digital marketing campaigns also generated significant brand awareness, reaching a wide audience. interested in trading and investing.
  2. The successful subscriber acquisition, increased brand awareness, and engagement led to substantial revenue growth for the client. The influx of new subscribers resulted in increased trading activity and transactions
  3. Through the development of digital media platforms, targeted social media and digital marketing campaigns, and the provision of educational resources, Hirelbs. successfully assisted the firm in achieving substantial subscriber growth for their trading application.